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Thursday, 6 September 2018



NAIA Airport Security Nabbed For Stealing $2,600 From Taiwanese Passenger


An Office for Transportation Security personnel at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport was arrested for stealing money worth $2,600 from a Taiwanese national while he was inspecting the bag of the foreigner.

Caught By The Passenger

In a report from SMNI news on their Facebook page, two OTS personnel were inspecting the bag of a Taiwanese national. Based on the complaint of the foreigner, he saw one of the guards getting a pack of cigarettes from his backpack, while he noticed the other one getting something from his bag and putting it in his pocket.

Money Was Missing

The Taiwanese national said he was late for the flight so he waited until he boarded the plane when he checked his belongings.

He found out that his money, which was contained in an envelope, was lacking $2,600 dollars.

Caught By CCTV

Based on the complaint from the Taiwanese, officials of the OTS checked the CCTV footage and saw for themselves that the OTS personnel are gulity of the accusation thrown against them.

When questioned, one of the OTS personnel, Greyner Alvarez, owned up to his deed, saying he really took a pack of cigarettes from the victim. He also confessed that his partner gave him $100 that day and that he was the one who took the money.

Unjust Vexation

When invited to the OTS office, the other suspect, Nievel Gorpe suddenly went berserk, he threatened the people in the office and told them “ Wala akong pakialam kung pulis kayo!”. This led to his arrest and he was charged with Unjust Vexation. He is now detained at the Pasay City jail.

Reaction From Social Media

Netizens were angry and embarrassed at the same time by the actions of the airport guard. It again tarnished the reputation of the Filipinos in the eyes of the foreigners.

Here are some of the comments from the netizens.

The Battle Continues: The Womanizer’s Siblings Vs. The Oppressed Wife


Amid the continuing saga between the womanizing husband and his oppressed wife, the sisters of the arrested husband confronts their sister-in-law.

The Arrest Of The Husband

In the previous episode of the popular public service radio program Raffy Tulfo In Action, we have witnessed the story between the Kalinga couple. The wife charged her husband of womanizing as well as physical abuse.

The husband, who went to the radio program with his siblings, was arrested by police due to the standing warrant of arrest filed by his wife for Violation Against Women and Children. He was handcuffed and was sent to jail.

Battle with In-Laws

After the arrest of the husband, the sisters-inlaw and the wife continued their verbal tussle. The husband’s family questioned the wife’s motive on why she need to go to Tulfo for their personal problems. They said that she should’ve ironed things out with them, instead of dragging them to national media and let everybody know of their personal issues.

Oppressed Wife Defends Herself

Jane Kalinga expressed her love for her sisters-in-law, but said she couldn’t stand the pain any longer. It’s been a vicious cycle and she is tired of having to forgive again only to be fooled the next day. She has endured so many hardships for so long that all she want right now is to see her husband locked up in jail and pay for his wrongdoings.

Too Late For Reconciliation

Despite the efforts of the sisters-in-law to talk her out of it, the wife is decided to push through with the case. In the video we can see the husband in the Mandaluyong Police while awaits the processing of his bail.

Here is the full video of Raffy Tulfo’s top rated tele radio show Raffy Tulfo In Action:

Robin Padilla Threw Back Trillanes’ Accusation: “Isa lang ang parang bata dito e, ikaw.”


Robin Padilla mockingly records a live video to say that it is an honor that Senator Antonio Trillanes responded to his previous live video saying that Trillanes should go out of the Senate.


Padilla said that he is deeply confused by what Trillanes said about him. According to Padilla, if there is someone immature, then it is the senator and not him.

“Sa usapin na ito, isa lang ang parang bata dito e, ikaw.”

He said that the only one who is immature here is Trillanes himself. What with his hiding and all, he definitely deserves the line he threw at Padilla also.

“Kasi ikaw ang nagtatago e.” he added.

No one is above the law

Padilla maintained that Trillanes was the one playing hide and see with the law.

He admitted that he went to the Senate to personally witness the serving of the warrant to Trillanes, which obviously did not happen because Trillanes hid inside the Senate.

He emphasized that no one should be above the law. He said he went to the Senate to practice his right as a citizen to witness the arrest of a senator.

History has proven

Also in the video, Padilla added that even before this, Trillanes was already childish. He started a coup-de-tat but after 24 hours he surrendered.

He has a say on every issue that he doesn’t like, and he makes it a point that his complaints are heard.

These, according to Padilla are proof that Trillanes is indeed the childish one.


As opposed to the loud and mocking Robin that was seen yesterday, today’s video is calmer. He said that he was called out by his fellow Muslims that it is not nice to laugh that way because he may be offending the family of the senator.

To whom he greatly apologized to before addressing Trillanes.

Trillanes On Robin Padilla’s Taunts: “Parang bata! We’re dealing with national problems here”


Actor Robin Padilla’s statement about Senator Antonio Trillanes hiding under the “saya” of the Senate, has reached the latter. And he is not sure how to react to it.

2-Second attention

In an ambush interview, Trillanes was asked what he can say about Padilla’s comment about him hiding under the “saya” of the Senate.

He even asked the reporter to repeat what Padilla said, and then he said that he didn’t know how to react.

“Pano ba ko magrereact? So, papansinin ko siya, ganun? Ayan na, binigyan ko siya ng mga 2-seconds.”

When pushed for a comment, he said that he finds Padilla petty and immature.
“Parang bata. It’s too petty,” said Trillanes.

“We’re dealing with national problems here tapos you have immature people like that,” he added.

Senate Custody

When the news broke yesterday that the amnesty that was given to Trillanes by former president Noynoy Aquino in 2010, regarding the Oakwood mutiny has been declared void from the start by President Rodrigo Duterte, all eyes were on Trillanes.

Everybody was expecting to see Trillanes arrested and put to jail. One of these is Padilla, who even went to the Senate to watch.

However, even if there were already PNP-CIDG members outside of the custody, it was reported that Trillanes is going to stay inside.

Robin’s offer

In his live video, Padilla said that Trillanes should go out the Senate house.

“Dito po sa loob nito ay nagtatago ang isang senador na mismong hindi sumusunod sa batas,” he said.
“Kami mga ordinaryong tao kapag may kaso, wala kaming magawa.”

“Kapag sinabi ng pulis na kailangan namin sumama sa kanila, sumasama kami. Kahit na alam namin na wala kaming kasalanan.”

Watch his video here:

Pres. Duterte, dumating na sa Jordan para sa opisyal na pagbisita